Slacker and Steve - Got Out of a Ticket (Audio)

November 16, 2016

Photo: Robert Paetz |

Everyone dreads that moment when you’re driving down the road, and all of the sudden you see police flashers in your rear view mirror. It seems like you’re going to get a ticket, unless you can come up with a good reason why you shouldn’t. Everyone hates getting a ticket, it’s expensive and sometimes you have to take a day off of work to appear in court. One man in South Carolina was pulled over because police suspected he was intoxicated, that’s when the man came up with what he thought was a creative solution. The man grabbed a can of body spray and sprayed it into his mouth in the hopes of beating the breathalyzer. He must not have realized that body spray is mostly alcohol, and he failed three roadside tests and was charged with DUI. 


What did you do to get out of a ticket?