Slacker and Steve - Grandmas Gone Crazy (Audio)

These grandmas are anything but prim and proper!

April 13, 2016

Most of us loved going to grandma’s house. She would bake cookies and never let us leave with an empty stomach. It seems like we could do no wrong in their eyes. Man, were we wrong! Sometimes grandma’s can go a crazy and make threats that make the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ seem pleasant. A recent video has surfaced on YouTube of a grandmother pulling a knife on her grandson and threatening to cut him. She then lunged at the young boy, but thankfully couldn’t reach him. She claims he was being rude and she was justified in her actions. Many curse words were also involved! I bet that grandson will watch his mouth from now on and give the up-most respect! In other ‘Na-Na’ went crazy news. 65-year-old Rosario Manibolo started a street fight over motorcycles parking to closely to her restaurant. Manibolo grabbed a piece of wood and started swinging on people! No one was hurt, but lessons were learned and parking spots were made clear.


What happened when your grandma went crazy? 

Slacker and Steve - Grandma Gone Crazy 4/13

Don't be rude to your grandmothers, because they just might try to stab you! What happened when your grandma went crazy?