Slacker and Steve - Great Mate Debate: Wedding Registry (Audio)

May 12, 2016

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Dan and Catherine are headed to the altar soon, but there is one problem that needs solved before they hear those wedding bells! The wedding registry, as simple as that may be to some, it is not so simple to them. Catherine thinks that the wedding registry should be used for the basics, like dishes, bedding and things that will just make their house a home. She wants to be a grown up and have nice things. She is tired of the paper plates and janky cups! Dan on the other hand is fine with the paper plates! He wants a trip and not a blender! He thinks that they should be spending money on experiencing life, rather than on the material items. Dan says they have the rest of their lives to buy practical “crap!” He says they are young and should be seeing the ocean! 


Whose side are you on? 

Slacker and Steve - GMD-Wedding Registry 5/12

Dan and Catherine are headed to the altar... that is if they can agree upon their wedding registry. Catherine wants the basics, like dishes and bedding to make their house a home. Dan wants money, so the two can travel and experience something amazing together. Whose side are you on?