Slacker and Steve - Grudge (Audio)

October 18, 2016

Photo: Kiosea39 |

Whether it lasted a day, a month, a year or even a decade, the majority of us can relate to having held a grudge at one point in our lifetime. Even pop stars hold grudges! Musician Phil Collins revealed that he has held a grudge against Sir Paul McCartney for 14-years, all because of one encounter at the Buckingham Palace. Back in 2002, Collins was working at a Buckingham Palace party and he noticed that the former Beatle, whom he deemed as one of his heroes, entered the room. He said, “Hey, Paul, do you mind signing this for me?” Paul then turned to his then wife Heather Mills and said, “Oh, Heather, our little Phil’s a bit of a Beatles fan.” Instantly, he thought, “You f***, you f***” and he has never forgot their encounter since! 


What is the one thing you still have a grudge over to this day?