Slacker and Steve - That Guy (Audio)

June 21, 2017

Photo: Darren Baker |

Nobody wants to be ‘That Guy’. Check out this list of the top ten annoying things people do:

1.    Drivers who don't use a turn signal.
2.    Watching sports and cheers for whoever is winning.
3.    Being on social media and acting like the grammar police.
4.    Saying “I’m 5 minutes away” and shows up 45 minutes later.
5.    Buys P90X, posts 3 day progress picture.
6.    Hears a subtle joke and says it louder for everyone, taking all the credit. 
7.    Sees the number 69, bursts out laughing.
8.    Watches one UFC fight, goes out and buys 16 tap out shirts.
9.    Has 200 items. Gets in the 20 items or less line.
10.  Gets in a never see them again.

What are the annoying things that people do that get on your nerves?