Slacker and Steve - Haunted House (Audio)

October 26, 2016

Photo: Scamp |

The month of October brings a change in leaves, a chill in the weather and haunted houses! A man in Phoenix wanted to propose to his girlfriend, but also wanted the moment to be unique and unforgettable! He deiced to take his girlfriend to The 13th Floor haunted house and that's where he would get down on his knee to pop the question! The plan was for zombies to come piling out of a crypt and drag the couple on stage. Turns out his girlfriend was not a fan of being scared. Once on stage, she tried to run away, but unfortunately fell off. She did not suffer any injuries, but was crying and pleading to go home. The moment was ruined, but he popped the question anyway. She said yes and they decided to finish the haunted house anyway.


What's your craziest haunted house story?