Slacker and Steve - Heaven and Hell (Audio)

August 24, 2017

Photo: Jennbang | Dreamstime

One man has explained how by being medically "dead" for a few moments, he not only saw there was an afterlife, but also what happened to "good" and "bad" people. The man revealed on Reddit how he had drowned a year and a half ago, and experienced a sensation like he was traveling in the moments before he was resuscitated by lifeguards. Describing his "travel" he says: "I was gifted knowledge of where it is good souls go to and where the doomed souls are sent to. When you die you'll know you're dead because one of two things will happen, you'll either be traveling through what will look like a tunnel of light shooting all around you or you'll be in a place that comes with nothing but fear and darkness all around. This place has no light, in this place you'll know you're in hell and that you'll be there for all eternity.” 


Have you ever seen heaven or hell?