Slacker and Steve - Hillbilly Hookups (Audio)

May 9, 2016

Photo: Antonio Guillem |

When the mood strikes with your significant other be sure that you are in an appropriate place to have spontaneous relations! An Arizona couple decided to act immediately on their desire to get busy and they shut down an entire highway to do it! The couple climbed on top of a metal pedestrian bridge to enjoy the views during their hook up. The couple received citations for criminal trespassing and obstructing a highway. This next couple got hot and heavy in a handicapped parking spot and put on a show for all to see. The couple left the lights on in the car while taking advantage of the romantic setting. Police found the man bottomless and the woman completely naked. They also found an open mason jar filled with moonshine! Sounds like a party! 


Where is the trashiest place that you have had relations? 

Slacker and Steve - Hillbilly Hookups 5/9

An Arizona couple stopped traffic after trying to have spontaneous relations on a bridge! Have you hooked up in public? Where is the trashiest place you have had relations?