Slacker and Steve - H.O.A. Horrors (Audio)

June 27, 2017

Photo: Ragsac19 |

H.O.A.s. You’re lucky if you don’t have one! A homeowner in Florida could soon be homeless all because of a chipped mailbox and a ridiculous H.O.A! The H.O.A. demanded that the West Chapel resident paint his mailbox and pay $1000 fine, and if not, they would foreclose his house. Unfortunately, the homeowner did not get the notice until it was too late, because of an address mix-up! The H.O.A. put a lien on his house and they intend to foreclose it. The homeowner has tried to work out the misunderstanding, but the H.O.A. has only referenced him to their attorney. He says, “I'm just an average person. I can't take all this, this drama.  It hasn't gone into foreclosure status yet. It’s pretty crazy over a mailbox.”


What H.O.A. horror stories do you have?