Slacker and Steve - Hoarders (Audio)

February 8, 2017

Photo: Suemack |

It’s easy to grow a collection of random junk that you don’t want to get rid of. Sometimes the silliest thing can mean a lot to a person, like old shoe boxes. Its okay to keep a few things of sentimental value, but here are a few signs that you are actually a hoarder:
1. You Can't Use Some Parts Of Your Home
2. You Stock Up On Useless Things
3. You See Cleaning As An Insurmountable Chore
4. You Lose Things. . . A Lot
5. You Buy Sale Items Just Because
6. You Save Things For Future Use
7. You're In Distress About The Stuff
8. You Worry About Throwing Out The Wrong Thing
9. You Have An Extreme Attachment To Items


What do you hoard?