Slacker and Steve - Hormone Horrors (Audio)

April 22, 2016

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Maybe you lost it over peas in your dinner. Maybe you cried for hours over a commercial. Maybe you yelled at a poor kid that cut in front of you in line. Hormones can make women do some pretty crazy things. Here are a few examples women wrote about online:

I wanted a quiet date night at home and suggested we play a board game. I pulled out Risk because I like it (and it's the Dr. Who addition which makes me like it more). Anyway the two of us start playing and I swear hubby cursed the dice because he kept rolling 6s and was wiping me off the board. So usually I'm pretty level headed playing board games but for some reason this was too much and I burst into tears and accused him of cheating and picking on me and not playing fair etc. It took him 30 minutes of holding me for me to calm down (he thought the whole thing was funny) and laughed which also didn't help. 

I went and paid for a deluxe pedicure and was so in love with my toes. Two days later one of my toenails chipped pretty badly, I cried for a good 20 minutes. My boyfriend tried comforting me saying that we could fix it with the nail polish I already have. I cried I didn't have it. He said we could buy it. I cried that it was 10$. It was a very "dramatic" moment as you can tell.

I cried because I dropped my donnut while driving. It was not that serious, but I cried. LOL!

My husband shaved his beard and left a mustache the morning we were leaving for vacation. He popped his head in the shower to show me. I said you're shaving it right? And he told me no, he was keeping for Vegas because it was funny. I full on belly cried for a good 5-10 minutes and couldn't even rinse my hair. He didn't know I had been crying. When I finally got it together and got out of the shower he had already shaved it off which made me start crying again while I told him what happened.

Slacker said that he does not think that men have the same hormone "cycle" as men, but they do have mood swings. Slacker said that more often than not, women who are on their cycle go off the deep end. Slacker mentioned the story about the couple sharing Chinese food, and said that instead of eating it, the guy should have tried to sympathize with her. Slacker mentioned the woman who cried after fixing her meal and thinking about all the lonely people who have to eat microwave dinners. Slacker also related the story of the woman who killed a spider with boiling water and then felt story for it after it was boiled alive.

Steve said that he doesn't even know what hormones he has. Steve said that no matter what the guy did who was eating Chinese food, he would lose. If he tries to help, he loses, and if does nothing he loses too. Slacker said that he is not sure what is worse, the lonely people eating microwave dinners or the hormonal woman who cried about it. Steve said that he will talk in hushed tones during the entire 5 o'clock hour.

Whats been your craziest hormone horror story?

Slacker and Steve - Hormone Horrors 4/22

Mood swings, crying over commercials, screaming at the ones you love- yes hormones can make a perfectly sane person go racing over the edge! What's your craziest hormone horror story?