Slacker and Steve - Houseguest from Hell (Audio)

October 18, 2016

Photo: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz |

Just because the home owner says, “Make yourself comfy,” doesn’t necessarily mean you should do just that. In fact, there is a new list of the top ten rules of etiquette when you are a guest at someone’s home. Here’s the list:


1.  Messing around on your phone.

2.  Asking for the WiFi password.

3.  Wearing shoes on the carpet without asking first.

4.  Looking in the bedrooms without permission.

5.  Looking in their fridge.

6.  Showing up empty handed.

7.  Helping yourself to food without asking.

8.  Putting your feet on the furniture.

9.  Turning down food when they offer it.

10.  Bringing your dog along without asking first. 


What happened when you had a houseguest from hell?