Slacker and Steve - I Shouldn’t Be Alive (Audio)

January 18, 2017

Photo: Djtaylor |

When death comes knocking, some refuse to open the door! A woman in New York escaped death in a strange twist of events. Laurie Baumgartner Pinzel fell unconscious in her bathroom shortly after Christmas day. During the fall, she hit her face on the sink. After quickly investigating the situation and the reason behind falling unconscious, Pinzel suspected that their house contained carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas that has proven fatal. Shortly after, she, her husband and her son were taken to Mount St. Mary’s Hospital to be treated for such conditions that involves carbon monoxide poisoning. A CAT scan is performed after CO poisoning and thankfully for Laurie, that very CAT scan is what saved her life. The scan showed that she had a brain aneurysm, which is a much greater threat than CO poisoning. She is taking aspirin to reduce the risk of the blood vessel in her brain from bursting. 


Why shouldn’t you be alive?