Slacker and Steve - I Was So Broke (Audio)

July 12, 2017

Photo: Dunca Daniel |

Money can be hard to come by and sometimes you have to take some pretty extreme measures to survive. Here’s a list of the top 10 struggles you’ll understand if you’ve ever been broke:


Ten struggles you’ll understand if you’re broke AF

1. You check your bank balance at least once a day to see if money has magically appeared

2. You’ve used the “I forgot my wallet” line more than once

3. You’ve started getting creative with ramen.

4. The first thing you do when you visit friends/fam is raid their cupboard

5. You’re going on dates for the free food

6. Treating yourself means getting the fancy exxy vodka 

7. When you eat out, you scour the menu for the cheapest item

8. You’re a discount kween

9. You’ve resorted to selling Christmas/birthday gifts on eBay

10. You’ve sacrificed personal comfort on multiple occasions to save a few bucks


What’s your “I Was So Broke” story?