Slacker and Steve - Interview Disasters (Audio)

June 29, 2016

Photo: Robert Kneschke |

Interviews are hard, but they get even harder when awkward mishaps happen. We found an article that contained some awkward stories from horrified interviewees. Here are a few!


1. Secret hand-shake

"Met with two managers, shook one's hand, turned to shake the other and hit her boob. Not a tap, but a full-on smack. I was mortified."

2. Better out than in?

"I farted really loudly during a job interview. It made things awkward."

3. Plagiarism

"I brought in a CV which wasn't mine and didn't realise until I handed it in to the lady. Fun stuff."

4. Mixing business with pleasure

"I broke up with the girl who interviewed me a month ago. I didn't get the job and I had no idea she worked there."

5. Fourth time's the charm

"I said 'good, how are you?' like three times in two minutes because I was nervous."

6. He wore it well

"I got a stomach bug the morning of my interview. I still went and vomited all over the boss in his Armani suit. I didn't get the job - and I had to pay the dry cleaning bill."


Have you experienced any of these interview blunders? What is the most awkward thing that has ever happened to you during an interview?