Slacker and Steve - Junk Injuries (Audio)

August 16, 2017

Photo: Ian Allenden |

The anatomy may be different when it comes to men and women, but the pain that follows after a junk injury is very much alike! A 27-year-old man in Russia suffered a major groin injury that will teach us all a lesson when it comes to drinking and jumping fences. The severely intoxicated man tried climbing over a wrought iron fence, but became stuck, not by his shirt or jeans, but by his junk! That’s right, his daddy parts in its entirety was ripped completely off as he toppled to the ground. He made it over the fence, but his manhood stayed impaled on the spike for all to see. Bleeding profusely, the Russian man was able to stumble to a nearby hospital to aid his severed groin. We aren’t sure if the doctors were able to reattach his groin, but we do know that someone took a picture of his impaled junk, which has now gone viral.


What happened when you injured your junk?