Slacker and Steve - Kitchen Katastrophes (Audio)

September 15, 2016

Photo: Kileman |

A study suggests that the kitchen may be one of the most dangerous places if it is not used correctly! Such as storing things in your oven that should normally be stored in a safe! An 18-year-old in Florida was having a sleep over at her friend’s house. After a light night of catching up on gossip the woman headed to the kitchen to make herself a late night snack. She pre-heated the oven and once it was ready she placed her waffles o the rack, not knowing that there was also a gun residing in the oven. The magazine exploded, sending shots and fragments out of the. Luckily, the woman was not hit will a bullet, but numerous pieces of fragment. She managed to remove the metal that landed in her leg and chest. She then was treated at the hospital. 


What is the worst thing that has happened to you in the kitchen?