Slacker and Steve - Landlord Lunacy (Audio)

December 5, 2016

Photo: Monkey Business Images |

Landlords overlook your residency, but they certainly should not be inside your residency without permission. Logan Pierce from Colorado Springs, Colorado had many motion cameras set up in his house. He knew it was not his wife, because she was at work. Pierce then checked the live feed to see what triggered his security system and what he saw made him call the cops and run to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy new sheets! He witnessed his landlord, Carlos Quijada having relations in his bed with another man. The two men finished their dirty dead and to clean themselves up, they used Pierce's wife's wedding dress! An arrest warrant has been issued for their landlord and the couple has been staying in a hotel ever since the incident.


What is the craziest thing your landlord has ever done?