Slacker and Steve - Leaving the Baby Home Alone (Audio)

May 17, 2016

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A new mother posted a question on a parenting site that has led to a lively debate and lots of outrage. The woman asked if she should leave a 10-month-old child sleeping at home alone for seven minutes to run to the store. More than 800 people responded, with many saying a definite 'no'. Some mentioned a fear of kidnappings and others said they’d be too worried about accidents. One woman said, 'Never - a fire can rip through your house in less time and your baby won't be able to save itself.' However, some parents said they see no problem with leaving the baby, and regularly have to leave the house to perform other chores such as taking out the trash or walking the dogs.   One commenter said they 'absolutely would' leave the ten-month-old alone and added, 'I just wouldn't tell anybody about it, for precisely the responses above. You've got to live. You've got to get stuff done. It's a minuscule risk. If your life is like mine then every minute of the day is jam-packed. Another said, 'Yes I would and I have. I lived caddy-corner to a news agent when my first kid was born and I nipped over very occasionally when he was napping.’


A Kentucky mother is facing charges after police say they found her 23-month old son home alone. 23-year old Radiance Parker is due in court to answer to a charge of Abandonment of a Minor. Earlier this month, Lexington Police got a call from a manager at the Cross Keys Apartments. According to an arrest report, the manager heard crying coming from one of the apartments. The manager told police that he knocked on the door several times but got no answer. The apartment manager went inside and then found the toddler alone. Police arrived on the scene, but could not locate Parker, who is the boy's mother. A social worker came and placed the boy in foster care. Police say Parker did not make contact with them until they reached her mother the next day. Two days later, Parker reportedly contacted the social worker and then showed up that day for a court hearing. After that hearing, police say she came to Lexington Police Headquarters to answer questions. During her interview, police say Parker advised them she went to Wendy's and left her son at home alone. According to court documents, Parker told police when she returned to her home she saw officers and social workers, but left the scene because she didn't know what to do and didn't want to get in trouble.


A Texas mother is in legal hot water after police say she left her two very young children home alone so she could go to an exercise class. A police report said Tuesday morning, an 18-month-old toddler was found wandering near a busy section of a neighborhood where the speed limit is 40 miles per hour. And just down the street was the baby’s 2-and-a-half-year-old brother, also alone, crying for his mom. “Even now, my head hurts just thinking about it,” said the children’s father, Jose Arredondo. He tried to explain wife Gisela Sanchez Flores’ actions. “She thought it was going to be a quick errand, but things happened in a flash,” Arredondo said. He said his wife was late for Zumba and decided to leave their two children home alone, because they were still sleeping. But she took the 18-month-old she was babysitting with her to class. After she left, her children woke up, and one of them opened the front door. A neighbor spotted the 18-month-old walking outside and called police. An officer responding to the scene found the 2-and-a-half-year-old boy wandering the streets alone nearby.


Do you think that's appropriate? Have you ever stretched the parenting boundaries with your kids?