Slacker and Steve - Life Hacks (Audio)

May 6, 2016

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Is a RUBBER BAND the key to an easier life? From opening jars to hanging clothes, video reveals eight ingenious life hacks that use the humble everyday item

1. Chopping vegetables and fruit

To avoid the board slipping when cutting and chopping food, put two rubber bands around either side of chopping board to stop it from sliding.

2. Opening jars 

Got a jar that is too stiff to open? Put a band around the lid and then try and it should turn with ease.  

3. Reading books

Make turning pages easier by getting a thin rubber band and wrapping it around the index finger to leaf through books, papers and notepads with ease.

4. Painting

Open the tin and put a band vertically around the paint pot to use as a rest for the brush when it is not being used.

5. Getting dressed 

For those moments after a big meal when doing up pants the conventional way is just impossible, reach for the rubber band. Loop the band around the buttonhole and hook it to the button to breathe with ease without constraining zips and buttons.

6. Packing

For space-efficient packing, fold then role up clothes and secure them either end with a rubber band before loading them into a bag. 

7. Hanging clothes

Some items - especially spaghetti straps - have a tendency to slip off hangers within seconds of being tidied away. Double-loop elastic bands and put them either side of the hanger to keep clothes from falling down.

8. Washing up

Get two bands, loop them together, then loop on several more. Loop the whole chain through the end of the dish-wrack then wind around wine glasses and loop at other side to keep them in place inside the dishwasher.


Other Brilliant Life Hacks You Really Need To Know:

1. If you wrap a wet paper towel around a glass bottle and put it in the freezer, it will cool in 2 minutes

2. If you place a wooden spoon over a pot, it will stop it from boiling over

3. You can use AAA batteries instead of AA ones, just fill the gaps with tin foil

4. You can use almost every USB port (even TV ones) to charge your mobile phone while traveling

5. If you add a spoon of baking soda to your boiling eggs, the shell will come off so easily!

6. Charge your phone while in airplane mode if you need it to recharge faster

7. Use a glass to peel mangoes

8. Separate egg yolks from whites by sucking them up squeezing a plastic bottle

9. Unclog drains by pouring in half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar. Rinse down the since when it stops foaming and it will clear the pipes.

10. Take out the bones of a chicken wing by twisting and pulling them

11. Use a razor to make your old jeans look (almost) new


Slacker said he has never tried this life hack, but someone asked Steve to cat sit someone, and its been horrible. Slacker said that you can use vodka to sanitize things. Slacker said not to use the good stuff, and also you can't use brown alcohol. Usually he uses the spray bottle with alcohol to freshen his mattress. Slacker said that he does not like the smells of odor eliminators, like Febreeze, so he uses clear alcohol instead, after you clean up the cat pee. Slacker also said that you can't use tons of alcohol, and that Steve shouldn't smoke in bed in case it ignites the alcohol. Slacker said there are thousands of uses for a rubber band, from opening a jar to keeping a cutting board from moving. Slacker also said that rubber bands can help keep your clothes on the hanger.


Steve said he has never house sat for a cat or dog or anything. Steve said that he should have moved the litter box upstairs, but when he went to go to bed, the cat had peed on his bed. Steve said that Slacker has no idea what he is talking about, because he has a pillow top and its a high-end mattress.  Steve said that the rubber band gives you a little "gription" for opening jars. Steve said that he uses expensive wooden hangars to hang his t-shirts.


Lil D said that you can also use a rubber band to fix a screw that has been stripped!  


What life hacks can you share with us?

Slacker and Steve - Life Hacks 5/6

Life can get complicated, but chances are, there is a life hack to make it easier! Maybe you have a hack involving a rubber band or perhaps an unorthodox use of a power drill? What life hacks can you share with us?