Slacker and Steve - Life Lessons (Audio)

March 21, 2017

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Andy Anderson of Benicia, CA is turning 100 years old. In those 100 years he's done a lot and learned a lot of lessons. He met his wife, married her a week later, had two kids and adopted another, and threw a lot of parties. So after being on this planet for a century, what lessons has he learned? Here's a list of his 25 biggest life lessons:
1. Always maintain a good sense of humor.
2. Never be too good to start at the bottom.
3. Exercise every single day, even when you don't feel like it.
4. Don't spend more money than you make.
5. Drink orange juice every day.
6. Love at first sight is not a fable.
7. Having a bad job is better than having no job at all.
8. Eat around the mold; don't go wasting food.
9. Your family is the most precious thing you will ever have in life.
10. Eat sausage every day — it worked for me.
11. Your life is delicate, and if you neglect yourself, you'll spoil. That's what cheese taught me.
12. Don't ever be afraid to be your true self.
13. Everyone has too many clothes. Wear what you have and quit buying more.
14. You must be able to forgive, even if it's difficult to do.
15. Save your money now and spend it later.
16. Love is not always easy; sometimes you have to work at it.
17. Find something comical in every single situation.
18. If you're faced with a problem, don't delay trying to figure it out. But if there's no way to figure it out, you have to forget about it.
19. Make sure you're doing what you love; don't be afraid to follow those dreams you have for yourself.
20. Education is important, but not necessary. Life can be an education in itself.
21. Explore your world and stay curious.
22. Try not to take yourself so seriously.
23. My full name is William Bradford James Anderson, and my initials always remind me to ask myself, "Why be just anybody?"
24. Have common sense. Think about the most reasonable answer to every situation. If you don't have common sense, you're a bust.
25. Life is a gift that you must unwrap. It's up to you to determine if what's inside will lead you to happiness or dismay. You have the power to make that decision for yourself.


What is the best life lesson you learned, or what did someone say to motivate you in life?