Slacker and Steve - Living in the Future (Audio)

May 23, 2016

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This is great news if you're going to a foreign country and don't want to spend the whole time saying, "English?  Anyone speak English?" There's a new product coming out called the Pilot System, and it's a little earpiece that translates a foreign language for you in real time.  It's programmed with French, Spanish, and Italian, and you can download other languages too. You can pre-order it right now for $299 at, which actually seems pretty reasonable. They'll be shipping next spring.


If you want to break a bad habit, why not do it with some light TORTURE? There's a new product for sale right now called the Pavlok wristband that helps you break a bad habit with ELECTRIC SHOCKS. It connects to your phone and GPS, so you can program it to shock you when you do something like go into a fast food place or you don't hit 10,000 steps a day. And eventually that trains your brain to break the habit to avoid the shocks. You can also shock YOURSELF if you do something like smoking that your phone can't track on its own, and the developers say it'll still work. If you want one, they cost $199 and you can get it at


When did you come to the realization that you are living in the future?