Slacker and Steve - Lost Something Expensive (Audio)

July 31, 2017

Photo: Sidharththakur |

Atlanta Falcons NFL player Julio Jones recently lost a $150,000 diamond earring while jet-skiing. While jet-skiing on Lake Lanier in Georgia, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver realized he lost his diamond earring, though he has plenty of money to buy another earring to replace the lost one, he wanted that one back. Jones called in a diving team to search for the lost expense, paying them $500. NFL player showed them where he lost it, and they still came back to surface with no good news. The 65 foot deep lake has a pitch black bottom, with trees and plenty of other debris. The 2 man diving team, claimed it impossible to find the diamond, unless one of their diving lights caught the reflection of the diamond.


What’s the most expensive thing that you’ve lost?