Slacker and Steve - Medical Mishaps (Audio)

June 20, 2017

Photo: Dmitriy Shironosov |

Since 2005, over 800 patients have had a surgical tool left in them during surgery! Medical mishaps, big or small, happen way too often.  A man in Pennsylvania underwent surgery to have his right testicle removed due to the years of pain it had been causing him. He was confident in his urologist to perform the surgery, but now looking back I’m sure he wished that he wouldn’t have checked the surgeon’s references. The man awoke from surgery to find that indeed his testicle was removed, however it was the wrong one! He was awarded $870,000 for the mistake. The man is still in pain, but if he gets his only testicle removed he will be on hormone therapy for the rest of his life!


What medical mishap happened to you?