Slacker and Steve - Meet the Cheat (Audio)

She's made her cheater husband jump through a lot of hoops, but she has one more request before she'll forgive him.

April 14, 2016

Photo: Dreamstime

Sophia’s husband Josh cheated on her. They have no kids and have been married for 4 1/2 years. He was distant and coming home late and she knew something was going on because he started getting angry and he isn’t angry. She asked him if he was cheating and he came clean and begged for forgiveness and they are trying to work on things. She set guidelines and admits she is having problems as well. She wants to meet the person to see what it was about her that he was attracted to. In her gut she wants to meet her to make sure every stone has been uncovered she feels like she has to do this to move forward. Josh says he was an idiot and he owned up to it. He thinks Sophia has been really great. The guidelines are she can look at phone social media and emails. She doesn’t trust him and wants him home before midnight. He is doing what he can to earn her trust. He hasn’t told her who the woman is. He thinks it will do more harm than good if Sophia met her. Josh says it is not about what the women has, that him cheating had to do with them. Sophia says there is something missing with them that he had with her and she wants to know what that is. Josh has severed the tie and hasn’t spoken to the other women. 


Should Sophia meet the cheat or is Josh right and should they keep moving on?

Slacker and Steve - GMD: Meet the Cheat 4/14

Josh made a mistake and cheated on his wife Sophia. To make things right he has jumped through all of her hoops. It has been a few months and Josh thinks they are finally doing better. Sophia now wants to meet the girl he cheated with and Josh thinks it will do more harm than good. Should Sophia meet the cheat or is Josh right and should they keep moving on?