Slacker and Steve - Monster-In-Law (Audio)

November 8, 2016

Photo: Tatyana Gladskikh |

When we get married our partner’s family is part of the package, their family is suddenly your family now, and for the most part it works out well for everyone. When a truly awful mother-in-law is part of that package the relationship can get a bit more complicated. Sometimes our partner’s mother can be domineering, jealous, or just plain mean and this is often the result of thinking that no one will ever be good enough for her baby. One couple found this out when they decided to keep the sex of their baby a secret until birth. When the husband’s mother found out about this she was so angry she decided to take matters in to her own hands. She went behind the couple’s back and found out the sex of the baby and posted it on social media for all to see! While most mothers are very caring, some can only be described as a monster-in-law.


What’s your worst monster-in-law story?