Slacker and Steve - Mouse Moments (Audio)

March 8, 2017

Photo: Rudmer Zwerver |

Today we’re talking about mouse moments and no, not our dear old friend Mickey! One pesky mouse is putting British Airways out of a whopping 304,125-dollars after it was spotted on a plane heading from Heathrow airport to San Francisco. Flight BA285 was on track to depart at 10:45am, but the wandering rodent halted everything. Presence of a rodent on an aircraft because they have been known to chew through the wiring on planes. A comprehensive check was mandated before the Boeing 777 could depart. The gnawed-on wire could have occurred anywhere between the cockpit to the tail, meaning it took many hours for a replacement plane to be located, four hours and 16-minutes to be exact. To compensate for the delay, British Airways bought lunch for around 200 passengers. The majority of the damage to their hefty bill regarded the compensation for individuals who missed their connecting flight and the engineers who had to check the plane’s wiring. 


What crazy mouse moments have you experienced?