Slacker and Steve - Movie Moment (Audio)

August 31, 2016

Photo: Fergregory |

Lights, camera, ACTION! Sometimes life can bring predicaments that are straight out of Hollywood! A couple set their sails and ventured off in the Pacific Ocean on their 18-foot boat. They were expected to arrive at their destination the following day, but when they never showed, the Coast Guard launched a search. 12-boats, two planes and 16,500-square-miles later, the couple was not to be found. Turns out, they were stranded on a deserted island in Micronesia, with very limited supplies and no emergency equipment. The couple’s only hope was to draw the universal distress sign, “SOS” into the sand. After a week, their hope to be rescued was dimming. There was no sight of life on the island, in the sky or on the ocean blue. But soon the couple heard the sound of a nearby helicopter and finally, they knew they had been saved. The Navy pilot spotted the letters in the sandy beach and immediately sent for help. Soon after, the couple exited the island with their lives and a great story to tell! A scene straight out of Cast Away! 


Have you ever had a movie moment happen to you in real life?