Slacker and Steve - Naked (Audio)

September 6, 2016

Photo: Rafael Ben-ari |

Sometimes in life we are caught with our pants down! Today we’re talking naked! A 17-year-old girl in Oregon was taking her senior photos on a beautiful scenic lake, but she got an additional scenic view that she and the photographer were not expecting. A naked man was out walking his dog and walked straight into her background. The photos went viral, but the naked photo-bomber has yet to be found. In other naked news, a huge brawl broke out at a nude beach all because 10 men decided not to bare all. At the nude beach in Arcachon, France you either “get nude or get lost.” The French police had to come break the up the fight.


Maybe it was you, someone you know, or a complete stranger, whoever it was, we want to know, what is your best naked story?