Slacker and Steve - Nasty Neighbors (Audio)

April 6, 2016

Get to know your neighbors and get on their good side. You also might want to disclose what type of domestic pet person you are, so you don't wind up with a bullet in your house. An angry Miami neighbor is not a cat person. If only his neighbors would have known that before they started feeding the stray cats! 70-year-old Jose Estrada has been charged for attempted murder for pulling a gun and trying to shoot his next door neighbors because he hated all of the cats around the area. Bullets entered through the couples house, but thankfully hit no one. The Miami couple almost got their lives stolen, and a Missouri man got his belongings stolen by his not so friendly neighbor. Police were called at 1 a.m. after a man awoke to his neighbor in his bedroom closet. The thief fled with the house owner's car keys and cell phone. The victim was notified later that morning, that his car had been found and so had the suspect. The suspect was admitted into the hospital after crashing the victim's car! Instant karma but a big nasty neighbor headache!


What did your nasty neighbor do to make you want to move? 

Slacker and Steve - Nasty Neighbors 4/6

If you are a cat person who lives in Miami be mindful who you move next to! A man tried to kill his next door neighbors for feeding the stray cats. What are your nasty neighbor encounters?