Slacker and Steve - Nasty Neighbors (Audio)

June 20, 2016

Photo: Rodjulian |

Sometimes you get lucky and move into a house next to lovely people that make it easy to reside there forever. Other times you get nasty neighbors that make you want to tear up your housing contract and move immediately! That’s just what a family in North Carolina did. The parents of a one-year-old child were surprised to find a note on their door that had a very harsh message written loud and clear-“Buy a parenting book!” The neighbor who left the note wrote on and stated that their baby cries too much and that the couple should really work on their parenting. He also gave them some techniques to calm their baby down. The neighbor didn’t stop after the note. He completed to the apartment complex and the family received a citation. After the mean note and citation the couple decided that they needed to find a more kid-friendly neighborhood. 


Why was or is the reason your neighbor is the nastiest on your block?