Slacker and Steve - OPP: Asking For Hand in Marriage (Audio)

June 23, 2016

Photo: Voyagerix |

Natalie has been with her boyfriend Nick for five-years and they both mutually agree that they are ready to get married. Nick is a traditional man and wants to ask Natalie’s parents for permission to marry their daughter. She is desperately trying to convince her boyfriend to break tradition and not talk to her parents because they absolutely despise him in every way. Natalie’s parents don’t like Nick because they have had a turbulent on and off relationship. She says that they have seen her go through many painful times, especially when he cheated on her. Natalie’s parents aren’t budging and neither is Nick. He is determined to get her parent’s blessing and it is his responsibility to show them that he will take care of their little girl. She is ready to throw her relationship with her family away, even though she loves them. Natalie needs help convincing Nick to break tradition and get eloped.


What advice do you have for Natalie?