Slacker and Steve - OPP: Dry Bridal Party (Audio)

May 31, 2016

Photo: Pojoslaw |

Today’s OPP is from Miranda and she needs your advice! Here’s what she said: 


Yi Slacker & Steve,

I am getting married this summer. Let me say right away that I am not one of those crazy brides that makes a bunch of unreasonable demands. I did tell my bridesmaids that they are not allowed to drink at my reception and they are all throwing a fit over it and saying they won't be in my wedding. They are the type of girls that tend to over do it and cause drama and I don't want that on my wedding day. Plus, I think it's very distasteful to have a bunch of sloppy drunk bridesmaids stumbling all over the reception. They say it's not fair that they won't be allowed to drink but the groomsmen will, but the guys can handle themselves. What do I do? I want my friends in my wedding, but I don't want a bunch of drunk girls causing drama to be the only thing my wedding day is remembered by. Help guys! -Miranda


What do you think Miranda should do? To drink or not to drink?