Slacker and Steve - OPP: Engaged but Fight (Audio)

May 6, 2016

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Candy called in and wanted advice from Slacker and Steve as well as the listeners, because she feels like she is not sure exactly what to do. She is engaged to a man who she has been in a relationship for five years. However whenever they are alone, they fight about everything, all the time. Sometimes their fighting is even in public. Candy feels like they bicker all the time and is not sure how to deal with the situation, especially because she feels like she has given so much effort in the relationship and if she breaks up with him, she will have to start all over, and that is daunting.


Slacker said that Steve is about to talk someone out of getting married, because Steve is against marriage. Slacker wanted to make sure that its nothing physical. Slacker also said he was in a relationship with no passion, but they also did not fight. Slacker believes that if you don't have a soul mate, then you either have a doormat or a close friend. Slacker wanted to know, what is it that Candy wants from the show and from the callers. Slacker said that getting married does not solve problems, the problems do not go away or get better by committing to a relationship. Slacker said that she thinks she loves him but when pressed, she talked more about the things she would lose if they were broken up.


Steve said that she should not get engaged, and that relationships are a nightmare. Bickering constantly is not a healthy relationship. Steve said that he can not possibly enjoy this either, and that when you break up with him, he will probably fight about that too! Steve said that she probably has the best years of her life behind her now.


What advice would you give Candy on how to handle this?

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While getting engaged is an exciting and life-changing event, it's not a fairy tale. But what if you are arguing with the one you are going to marry on the daily? What advice would you give Candy on how to handle this?