Slacker and Steve - OPP: Ex is Sick (Audio)

August 5, 2016

Photo: Ocusfocus |

Today’s OPP is from Brittany and she needs your help! She recently found out her ex-husband is very ill and his prognosis is not great. He was a bad husband when they were together. They had explosive fights that lead to their divorce. He has not asked for any help from Brittany, but she feels compelled to help. He has no one to help him in his time of need and she does not want him to battle his illness alone. One of her main concerns is that her old feelings for him will come back and before she knows it she will be yet again head over heels in love. On the other hand, she is still finding it hard to forgive and forget his doings of being an awful husband. Brittany says that her ex-husband’s death will have a huge effect on her whether or not she helps. 


Should she reach out and help the man who continuously hurt her or let him suffer alone?