Slacker and Steve - OPP: First Concert Alone (Audio)

February 16, 2017

Photo: Angelina Pilarinos |

Today’s OPP is from Gina:


Yi, one of my daughter’s favorite EDM artists is coming this summer and she really wants to go. Two of her friends already have tickets and she asked me if it would be okay if she went. She’s 16 and never been to a concert, let alone a concert by herself. I went to my first concert to see Paula Abdul when I was 17, so I remember how bad I wanted to go when I was her age. I can’t take her because of prior commitments and I think I would probably let her go if it was someone else. I feel like I would be giving her the okay to go and dress slutty and do drugs if she goes to an EDM concert. I’m torn because I know she has to experience life, but I think it would be too much for her first time. What should I do?



What advice do you have for Gina?

Slacker and Steve - OPP: First Concert Alone 2/16

Gina’s daughter wants to go to an EDM concert this summer. It would be her first concert and Gina knows her daughter needs to experience life, however she feels by letting her go to the concert she's giving the okay to do drugs and dress slutty. Gina has a prior commitment or she would accompany her daughter. Should Gina let her daughter go to this concert?