Slacker and Steve - OPP: Friend’s Divorce (Audio)

December 6, 2016

Photo: Petarneychev |

Today’s OPP was originally from Candy, but she was unable to call in, so her husband Randy told her story for her. Here is Candy’s original message:



My husband and I are friends with a couple, Amanda and Sam. Amanda moved out suddenly, after the family bought a new home. She left and said she just wasn’t happy. She told me, however, that someone was making her realize how a person should be treated in a relationship and making her realize that the marriage wasn’t for her. After some prodding, she told me that she had been involved with her husband’s boss. Some time has passed (about a month) and the relationship between the boss and Amanda has progressed and Amanda has made it clear, that while she wished Sam had fought for her, that she is done. Sam, is expressing to my husband, however, that he is just giving Amanda the time she needs. We are struggling with either keeping quiet, or letting Sam know what is going on. I have repeatedly tried to get Amanda to let Sam in on the fact that she is even TALKING to his boss, because I feel that information is necessary, if they are to start to think about divorcing. This is hard because it affects not only a family being torn apart, but also the financial and career future of Sam. Please help us decide what we should do…tell Sam? Or shut our mouths and stand by as our friend, Sam, gets railroaded?” –Candy


What advice do you have for Candy and Randy?