Slacker and Steve - OPP: Gave the Wrong Answer (Audio)

August 9, 2016

Photo: Antonio Guillem |

Melanie is today’s OPP and she needs your help! She and her boyfriend Jake have been dating for only six months. He threw a major curve ball when he proposed to her during one of his family events. Feeling the immense pressure, Melanie said, “Yes!” However, she immediately regretted that decision and needs to find a solution to her ‘foot in mouth moment.’ She does not want to commit to Jake completely, because she doesn’t know if Jake is the one. She does want to stay in the relationship and not lose Jake, because he is a great guy. Melanie is afraid if she doesn’t say something now, she and Jake will end up planning a wedding and she will be backing out at the last minute. 


What should she do and how can Melanie tell them that she spoke too soon?