Slacker and Steve - OPP: Getting Over Controlling Ex (Audio)

May 9, 2016

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Today our OPP is from Katie and she needs your help! Here is what she wrote to us: 


Yi guys,

My ex was very abusive both mentally and physically. It took me a really long time but I finally left. He cheated on me all the time, he secluded me and took my friends away, he made me believe my family was toxic, and he made me think that I was not worthy of anyone else and I went to a lot of therapy to try to get over the things he did to me. After 2 years away from him I finally started dating someone else a couple of months ago. He is an amazing man that is the complete opposite of my ex. He treats me like a princess and constantly tells me how amazing I am. My problem is that I don't know how to trust anyone in a relationship because of my ex. I'm always jealous when we are apart and don't trust him when he is at work with other women. I get this uneasy feeling that every nice thing he does has a ulterior motive even though I know he is doing it because he is a nice person. I feel like my ex has ruined me in relationships for the rest of my life. What do I do? Will I ever be able to love someone again?



What can Katie do to shake the past and allow herself to love again? 

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Getting Over Controlling Ex 5/9

Katie's ex-boyfriend was controlling, manipulating, and abusive. Two years have passed and she is now seeing an amazing man who treats her like a princess, but she is having a hard time accepting his love and trusting his intentions. What can Katie do to shake the past and let herself love again?