Slacker and Steve - OPP: Husband Didn’t Have a Dad (Audio)

September 29, 2016

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Today's OPP is from Cara and she needs your help! Here's what she said:


Slacker & Steve,

I have an OPP for you and I hope you can get me some advice. We had our first child 15 months ago. My husband didn’t have a dad growing up, so he had to do everything on his own or with his mom’s help. There wasn’t really any male influence in his life and it was tough on him. Now that we have a baby, he hasn’t been a very good dad so far. He spends most of his time out of the house at work or working on his cars. He never plays with our son and thinks that taking care of him is 100% my responsibility. I don’t think he’s given our son one bath since he was born or been alone with him for more then 5 minutes. I’ve tried telling him that he needs to help out more and spend more time with his son, but he thinks what he’s doing now is fine considering he never had a dad at all. What do I do to get him to be a better dad and help raise his son?



What advice do you have for Cara?