Slacker and Steve - OPP: Lil D's Dilemma (Audio)

May 4, 2016

Photo: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz |

Lil’ D is our OPP today and he needs help sorting out a situation that could dramatically change his life forever. Throughout Lil’ D’s life, he and his father have either had a close relationship or a non-existent one. His dad struggles with alcoholism and has since Lil’ D’s childhood, though he did a good job of hiding it. When he was younger his dad and his step-mom split up. After the divorce his dad disappeared and got a new family. At this point Lil’ D and his father’s relationship was at a standstill. His dad barely made it to his wedding, but not to the birth of his two children. Two years ago, he received a call from his dad’s girlfriend requesting that he come and take care of him, because he was to the point where alcohol completely controlled his life and was also close to ending it. For two-years Lil’ D has been fighting for their relationship and his dad’s recovery. In this time period his dad has been in and out of rehab. For months now his sobriety and rehab has finally seemed to stick.  Lil’ D’s dad has even made it to working on the 12-steps in the addict’s recovery system. One step in the program is making amends with those you've wronged. Earlier this week he drove his dad up to Wyoming to gather some of his belongings. Knowing that his father was in his 12-step program, Lil’ D prepared himself for the conversation. The conversation was started; however his father not once apologized, but instead dropped a major bombshell. He said that he and Lil’ D’s mother wouldn’t have even been together if she hadn’t gotten pregnant with him and because he was on his way to establishing himself, he begged her to get an abortion. Lil’ D is having a hard time swallowing this information and is confused on what their relationship should be moving forward.


Should Lil’ D continue to fight for this relationship with his father or should he throw away all of his hard work? 

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Lil D's Dilemma 5/4