Slacker and Steve - OPP: Not-So-Anonymous Alcoholic (Audio)

August 24, 2016

Photo: Monkey Business Images |

Today’s OPP is from Robert and he needs your help! He is a recovering alcohol and has been sober for five years. Robert wanted to give back to the community by leading Alcohol Anonymous meetings. Recently, his sister’s new boyfriend attended one of the meetings that he was leading, which then sparked some concern for his sister. He has never met her new boyfriend, however he recognized him from pictures posted on social media. While in the meeting her boyfriend mentioned that he had aggression and anger issues when he drinks. Robert is not completely sure that his sister knows about her boyfriend, because the relationship is very new. He wants to tell his sister to warn her, because a relationship with an alcoholic can be very difficult and can be extremely complicated, however the entire point to the Alcohol Anonymous meetings is to remain anonymous. He doesn’t know what to do.


Should he break the anonymous part to tell his sister and possibly save her from a potentially hard relationship or go by the book and not say a word?