Slacker and Steve - OPP: Overweight Daughter (Audio)

June 8, 2016

Photo: Puhhha |

Sharron needs help and tips to motivate her daughter into losing weight. She says that her 13-year-old daughter is overweight and she shouldn’t be as “round as she is.” Sharron says she wants her daughter to be “pretty.” Her daughter refuses to eat healthy food and all she does is eat junk food and lots of bread. Sharron says when describing her daughter that “plump is an understatement.” She thinks that her daughter should want to be pretty because that’s what is socially acceptable. Sharron thinks that only thin people can be pretty. Oh yeah, and she is also concerned about her daughter’ health. She goes into her daughter’s room and finds a lot of candy wrappers. Sharron wants a solution and help to get her daughter “skinny.”


What can Sharron do to motivate her daughter to lose weight?