Slacker and Steve - OPP: Sick Parent (Audio)

March 2, 2017

Photo: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz |

Today’s OPP is from Candy:



I haven’t talked to my parents or sister in 12 years. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I will say my family didn’t agree with a lot of my lifestyle choices and no longer welcomed me in their home. My sister reached out to tell me that my dad is sick and doesn’t have much longer left. She said she really thinks I should go home to see him, but I’m not sure I can. He hasn’t tried to contact me at all in the last 12 years and suddenly because he’s sick I’m supposed to forget everything that happened and rush to be by his side? Apparently, he told my sister that he doesn’t want to die with things they way they are between us. I’m not sure I see the point in trying to fix something that probably can’t be fixed. I’ve been living with the feeling of being dead to them for years so why should I give him the satisfaction of clearing his conscious just because he’s going to die? Why do people think that death gives you a get-out-of-jail card? 



Should Candy reach out before he dies?