Slacker and Steve - OPP: Soulmate Rebound (Audio)

April 11, 2017

Photo: Antonio Guillem |

Today's OPP is from Jordan:


Yi guys,
I think I met my soulmate. We think the same things and like the same stuff and are basically the same, only he is a guy. We’ve been hanging out a lot but he doesn’t want to make it official. Call it bad timing I guess. He is coming out of a 10 year relationship where he was ready to commit and get married but things didn’t work out. We met and instantly clicked. We would spend hours talking on the phone. We would text each other throughout the day. He’s kinda backed off now because he said he’s too afraid of falling in love with me. He said if it wasn’t for his last relationship I would be everything he was looking for. He said he’s not in the right mindset to be with me and I deserve someone better. I just want to hear other people's thoughts and emotions on this. Is he worth waiting for until he sorts his brain? Is he lying to me? I just need some clarity.


Should she wait while he sorts out his issues from his prior relationship or is he just making excuses to not be with her?