Slacker and Steve - OPP: Tell My Kid About First Marriage (Audio)

July 27, 2017

Photo: Ruslan Huzau |

Here is today's OPP:


I have a 8 year old son. Since he was born me and my husband have taught him how important family is. Family is the most important thing you got in this life. There the only ones that will be there for you and love you thru it all. What my son don’t know is that I was married two other times before his dad. The first one was right when I got done with high school and it only lasted for a year. The second time I got married was this one time I was in Vegas with a boyfriend. We were together for a couple years and he didn’t want a family and left me. The other day my son told me one of his friends moms was marrying a new man that wasn’t his dad. He didn’t understand how somebody could love more then one person because your only supposed to love your family. I couldn’t tell him that I been married before. I think it would break his heart, but then he’d be mad if he ever finds out I been lying to him his whole life. What should I do? Tell him or not?


Do you think she should tell him or not?