Slacker and Steve - OPP: Terrorist Attack (Audio)

May 23, 2017

Photo: Daniele D\'urso |

Today's OPP comes to us after the devestating attacks at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester:


Yi guys, I talk to my mom almost every night when she gets off work and she called right after I got the TMZ alert about the Ariana Grande concert. I told her what happened and now she’s freaking out. She knows I have tickets to see Justin Bieber later this summer and she said that I really shouldn't go... I mean, I’m 22 and she can’t really tell me what to do, but I also listen to my mom if you know what I mean. Do you think there is really a threat to all concerts? Could something like this happen here? My mom was restraining herself but was basically saying I would go over her dead body. What do you guys think? Should I listen to her and sell my tickets? My friends are all talking about it... No one is sure what to do. 



What do you think? Should she sell the tickets or go tot he concert?