Slacker and Steve - OPP: Tough Football Coach (Audio)

September 21, 2016

Photo: Suzanne Tucker |

Today’s OPP is from Sydney and she needs your help. Sydney is a single mother with a 13 year old son who she felt needed a male role model to help guide him.  She enrolled her son in to a youth football program in the hopes that the coach could fill that void in his life.  Well, after spending some time at the practices she feels like the coach may be doing more harm than good.  She feels like the coach is too tough and is a little bit of a jerk to her son.  She is not familiar with football life and sometimes coaches have to motivate the players with some tough love.  But, coaches who don’t temper the toughness with a little kindness can have a negative impact on children.  Sydney wants to talk to either the coach or some other parents to see if this is normal behavior.  


Is Sydney justified in her concern, or does she need to leave it alone and let her son continue to play for the coach?