Slacker and Steve - Overreacted (Audio)

June 26, 2017

Photo: Kiosea39 |

A woman from Cleveland, Ohio smashed out her boyfriend's teeth with a rock at Edgewater Beach after she found out he was texting another woman, police say. A park ranger was walking the path near Edgewater Beach around 9 p.m. when Marsharee Crawford's 33-year-old boyfriend came up to him with a bloody face, according to the ranger's police report. The boyfriend was missing two of his front teeth, and his upper lip was cut open from the nostril down, showing the upper row of his teeth, the report says. The park ranger said Crawford became seriously upset after she found text’s with another woman on his phone. A witness at the park claimed they saw the couple fighting and said the woman pulled down her boyfriend’s pants, then Crawford eventually ran at the man and threw the rock at his face, the report says. Crawford later told the ranger that she was "accurate with her rock-throwing" because her brother plays baseball, the report says. Park rangers arrested Crawford who was charged with felonious assault.


How did you overreact?