Slacker and Steve - Parental T.M.I. (Audio)

August 2, 2016

Photo: Yiorgosgr |

Thanks, mom and dad, but that was too much information! Most of us have been scarred for life after walking in on our parents doing the deed, but at least most of us didn't get caught in a group text conversation that regarded our mom's mommy parts! A daughter was mortified when her mother Sharon, accidentally added her into a "sexting" chat with her new lover. The conversation was extremely steamy and gave the daughter a bit too much information. The love birds were discussing about how "pretty" her mommy parts were, their grooming habits and how the two intend on having a weekend filled with relations. The mother was clued into her daughter being involved in the conversation after she responded to the string of risque texts by texting, "Hi. mom." The horrendously awkward moment ended with a reply from her mother's love interest, in which he responded back with a simple, "Hi."


What happened when your parents gave you a load of T.M.I.?